Giant Enduro Race 15.-16.9.2018 (


Enduro Race in Spicak is happening in one of the biggest and well-known bike park in the Czech Republic. Every year there is IXS European downhill cup, the biggest DH race in Czech, and it is one of the favorite stop of the European downhill series.

Enduro race in Spicak is not just about bike park riding but the stages will take you to amazing places of Sumava Mountain with really nice views. Great trails in combination of nice nature will make the race really unforgettable!

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Race schedule

Registration: start and finish area, Bikepark Špičák.

Saturday – 15.9. at 10:00 – 14:00
Sunday – 16.9. at 8:00 - 9:00

Starting fees:

Fees: 15 years and older


Fees: under 15 years



Race U21M 17-20 years
Race Elite 21-29 years
Race Men 30-39 years
Race Men 40 and more
Race U21W 17-20 years
Race Women 21 and more

Hobby Men 15 and more
Hobby Women 15 and more

Grom 6-10 years
Rookie 11-14 years

Time limit of the race: 4h for Hobby, 4,5h for Race

Race schedule

Riders start in decending order according to starting numbers: Hobby first than Race category.

Start: Saturday : 19:00 night prologue - Bikepark Spicak
Sunday: 09:00 start into the transfer 1 – Bikepark Špičák

Saturday: night prologue for all categories

Sunday: 5 stages for category Race, 4 stages for category Hobby (stages No. 2 to 5), 2 stages for Rookie (stage 2 and stage 5), 1 stage for Grom (stage 5)

Stage 1: - km / ? m
Stage 2: - km / ? m
Stage 3: - km / ? m
Stage 4: - km / ? m
Stage 5: - km / ? m 

Start and Finish Area

- Refreshment station at the Nutrend tent
- Service depo at the......

Ceremony: 16:00

Training: the track will be fully marked on Saturday 15.9. at 11:00 and training will be allowed from this point on.
Riding on the track before will be considered as a breach of conduct and will be penalized.

The compulsory equipment: Helmet (integral, XC helmet), spine guard or a backpack with certified spine guard. One bike and components which the participant MUST carry at all times. Outside help is not allowed. We recommend knee and elbow guards, gloves and bike goggles.

Organizer: Kolo pro život z.s., Na Florenci 1332/23, 110 00 Praha 1,

Co-organizer: Bikepark Špičák, SKI & BIKE SPICAK , Sport service s.r.o., Spicak 182, CZ-34004 Zelezna Ruda

Important phone numbers: manager of the race 724 095 446
Mountain rescue 1210